Terms and conditions and price list of the Family Room

The Tallinn Children's Hospital provides the Family Room service under the following conditions:


  • The family Room is provided only if there are free hospital rooms (if rooms are needed, the service may be cancelled);
  • Residents of the Family Room follow hospital hygiene and rules;
  • Sick leave is issued for one caregiver only;
  • The caregiver staying in the Family Room with a child older than 10 pays according €40 per day.

At the Children's Hospital Family Room


  • Medical treatment is given in the same way as to other patients;
  • Catering is provided for the child, caregiver and a second family member;
  • The room is cleaned by P. Dussmann Estonian OÜ.

One day price list of the Family Room

Room priceThe number of carers   Valid health insuranceCost-Sharing   Maintenance Total price
 25.60€ 1 yes  2.50€paid by Estonian Health Insurance Fund 28.10€
 25.60€ 1 no  - 40€ 65.60€
 55.00€ 2 yes  2.50€paid by Estonian Health Insurance Fund 57.50€
 55.00€ 2 no  - 40€ 95€

Terms and the price list are valid from 1st March 2014.
Based on the resolution of the Board of the Tallinn Children's Hospital from 15th January 2014