Project description and contacts

1. Project Title: Establishing Children’s Mental Health Centre (part of Tallinn Children’s Hospital)
2. Project Promoter: Tallinn Children´s Hospital
3. Total Grant Amount (EUR): 4 165 000 eurot, incl. 3 542 179 Norway Grant

Objectives and expected outcome(s) of the project

This project will contribute to the outcome 1 mainly, as it provides North-Estonia with the children’s mental health centres par excellence and by coordinating, training supervising the network of mental health centres in the future it will also improve mental health services in other regions of Estonia. It will also contribute to the outcome 2, as it improves the access to health care – the centre will serve as a pilot case of integrated system, trying to bindservices necessary to child into a network and offering it’s expertise and services to other sectors. The project will also improve the access to inpatient services. As a result, an increase in employee and consumer satisfaction is expected to be witnessed.