Price list

TAS3003Doctor´s first visit fee  40
TAS3005Doctor´s repeated visit fee25
TAS3007Visit to clinical psychologist45
TAS3014Consultation visit to speech therapist69
TAS3030Consultation of a specialty doctor invited from a foreign country100
TAS3100Visit to psychiatrist (child aged 19-)90
TAS7615Personality survey168
TAS7616Study of cognitive function164
TAS3015Visit to nurse of mental health35
TAS7621Speech analysis55
NR04Acupuncture doctor consultation for adults25
TAS3008Visit to an independently working nurse20
TAS3037Visit to an independently working midwife35
VT01Visit fee patient with EU health insurance, in case of emergency care 5
TAS3102Visit to an emergency medicine nurse (determing the patient's essential health indicators)9,50
TAS15Visit to optometrist18€
 Day and hospital care fees  
TAS3075Hospital day in day care 90
TAS2034Hospital day in neonatology 255
TAS2036Hospital day 185
TAS2045Grade II intensive care hospital day 640
TAS2046Grade III intensive care hospital day 1500
TASHSKDoctor's consultation for hospitalised patient (in addition to treating doctor) 45
VPT01Carer fee for inpatient day 2,5
PP001KFamily hospital room with a shower and toilet (child with 1 insured by Estonian Health Insurance Fund parent)* 28,1
PP001EFamily hospital room with a shower and toilet (child with 1 uninsured by Estonian Health Insurance Fund/ parent)* 60,6
PP002KFamily hospital room with a shower and toilet (child with 2 insured by Estonian Health Insurance Fund parents)* 57,5
PP002EFamily hospital room with a shower and toilet (child with 2 uninsured by Estonian Health Insurance Fund parents)* 90
TAS2048Hospital stay for parent or carer of child aged 10+ in inpatient care and hospital stay for uninsured by Estonian Health Insurance Fund parent or carer.
First instalment on hospitalization
 Vaccination in 27 Ravi Str.  
T036053Hepatitis A vaccine for children 25
T936053Hepatitis A vaccine for adults 35
T936056Hepatitis B vaccine for children 13

Hepatitis B vaccine for adults

T936069Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine Ticovac for children 27
T936070Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine Ticovac for adults 30
T9360683Influenza vaccine Influvac for adults   7
T9360684Influenza vaccine Influvac for children   7
T936068Influenza vaccine Vaxi Grip Tetra  15
T936057Rotarix vaccine  47.9
T936057Combined hepatitis A and B vaccine  42
T9360741Prevenar vaccination against pneumococcal infection  58
T9360742Synflorix vaccination against pneumococcal infection  54
T9360743Pneumovax 23  37
T936078HPV vaccine128
T9360631Vaccination against diphtheria-tetanus infection for adults    3
 Procedures in 27 Ravi Str.  
 Treatment of viral warts/benign neoplasms (Mollusca) with liquid nitrogen for children:
KRÜ04 a) 1–5 sites6,5
KRÜ06b) over 5 sites13
KRÜ05Treatment of viral warts/benign neoplasms (Mollusca) with liquid nitrogen, fee5
NR01Acupuncture for children up to 12 years of age4
NR02Acupuncture for children aged 12-185
NR03Acupuncture for patients aged 19+7
INHInhalation medications2
UVBPhototherapy procedure with UVB device for adults4
 Procedures in 28 Tervise Str.  
TAS6259Electroencephalography-video telemetry (VTM) outpatient investigation for diagnosing epilepsy400
TAS6264Electroencephalography (duration more than 1 hour)140
TAS6301Spirography  22
TAS6302Bronchodilator test  44
TAS6303Bronchial hyperresponsiveness testing  84
TAS6320Electrocardiography  16
TAS6326Holter monitoring  74
TAS6340Full-scale echocardiography 150
TAS634424 h monitoring of blood pressure   45
TAS7152Urethrocystoscopy   39
TAS7502Prick-test for allergens    7
TAS7551Esophagogastroduodenoscopy   91
TAS7558Colonoscopy 144
TAS7559Bronchoscopy 105
TAS7583Insertion of endoscopic percutaneous gastrostomy 315
TAS7903X-ray of the chest (one picture)   22
TAS7900X-ray of the head (one picture)  18
TAS7940Ultrasound of child's brain  33
TAS7953Ultrasound of abdominal and pelvic region  44
 Laboratory procedures  
TASVeRhDetermination of blood type, Rhesus factor and antibodies´s test 25
TAS66100Albumin, protein* 3,50
TAS66101Glucose 3.50
TAS66102Creatinine, urea, uric acid* 3,50
TAS66105Cholesterol fractions: HDL, LDL* 4 ,50
TAS66106Enzymes: ALP, ASAT, ALAT, LDH, CK, GGT, CK-Mba, alpha-amylase* 3,50
TAS66107Sodium, potassium, calcium* 3,50
TAS66102Chloride, lithium, lactate, ammonium* 9
TAS66109Iron, magnesium, phosphate* 3.50
TAS66111 Antistreptolysine-O, rheumatoid factor* 5,50
TAS66112C-reactive protein 4,50
TAS66118Glycated haemoglobin 13
TAS66200Erythrocyte sedimentation reaction test 4
TAS66202Haemogram with 5-differential leukogram 6,50
TAS66208Microscopy investigation of urine sediment 6,50
TAS66207Clinical investigation of urine (10 parameters)7,50
 TAS66141Diagnosis of narcotic substances (amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiasepines, cocaine, metamphetamines, ecstasy, opiates, methadone, fenocyclides, tricyclic antidepressants, cannabinoids, fentanyl)a´9,50
TAS66142Alcohol test S-EtOH 12
TAS66540UUrine pregnancy test U-hCG 15
TAS66542UA streptomycin-test (latextest), throat40
TAS7508Immunotherapyc skin procedure20
TAS7916 X-ray of the upper extremities (two pictures)26
TAS7919 X-ray of the lower extremities (two pictures)26
TAS7948 Ultrasound of joints and soft tissues24
 Rehabilitation services in 27 Ravi Str.  
KLP01Physiotherapist's service (30 min)23
KLP03Child gymnastics in groups for 30 min8
TVV01Certificate for the swimming pool4
KLP11Infants swimming in the pool without instructor (30 min)4
KLP10Primary training in infant`s swimming pool (30 min)10
KLP13Swimming in infant´s pool (30 min), 1 child and parent8
KLP14Swimming in the pool (30 min)   6
KLP15A family ticket in the pool (30 min, 3 people)12
KLP05Gymnastics/swimming (30 min) in groups8
KLP19Kinesio taping for 15 min, includes tape´s cost8
KLP20Kinesio taping for 30 min, includes tape´s cost15
 Rehabilitation services in 28 Tervise Str.  
 LH01Physiotherapy service (30 min)23
 TAS7053Occupational therapy service (30 min)24
 LH04Swimming in the pool (30 min), 1 child6
 LH03Swimming in the pool (30 min), 1 parent, 1 child8
 TKNR01Robot assisted (Locomat) walking therapy, 1 hour48
 LH30Kinesio taping for 15 min, includes tape´s cost price8
 LH31Kinesio taping for 30 min, includes tape´s cost price15
 Other services*
PAV21Release in hardcopy format € 0.15 per page starting from page 21*0.15
PAVkRe-release of data in hardcopy format is also for a charge € 0.15 per page starting from page 1*0.15
AVA01Release of data on CD*20
AVA01Release of data on DVD*20
AVA01Release of data on a USB flash drive*20
KV01Fee for filling in of insurance certificate in case of trauma*4
TVV02Fee for filling in and issuing certificate*4
GNKLost cloak room tag*5

 * includes VAT



Patients without a referral pay according to the price list of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.
Services that are on the Estonian Health Insurance Fund list of healthcare services with specified fees but for which the Estonian Health Insurance Fund does not assume the obligation to pay are also considered paid services.