Tallinn Children´s Hospital - fast, sharp, innovative. World-class treatment for children in Estonia!


Tallinn Children ´s Hospital is only tertiary level independent multiprofile children´s hospital, where the treatment is providede to two thirds of Estonian Children.


  • The hospital is represented in all specialities pediatrics and pediatrics surgery.
  • Profiles in the general pediatrics and subspecialities - 27
  • We are the leading children´s orthopedic center in Estonia,as well as Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus treatment center.
  • We use the evidence-based diagnostics and therapeutic methods and we have modern equipment, included the Pediatric Lokomat Robot
  • In today´s globalized world, our doctors often consult with the colleagues from EU Clincs: such as the
  • Charitè University Hospital (Berlin),
  • Karolinska University Hospital (Stockholm),
  • Helsinki University Hospital and the leading genetic centers.
  • Skype is a convenient tool for consultations.