1. Visitation hours of Tallinn Children’s Hospital:
• working days 16:00–20:00;
• weekends and holidays 10:00–14:00 and 16:00–20:00;
• in intensive care every day upon prior agreement with the doctor.
2. The size of the hospital rooms allow maximum two visitors at the same time.
3. Visit children only when you are healthy.
4. If necessary, departments have the right to establish special visitation regimes and apply visiting restrictions.
5. Outerwear must be left in the wardrobe.
6. The wardrobe is closed at 20:00.
7. General schedule:
7:00 wake-up;
21:00 sleep time.
The general daily routine of a department is available at the department’s information board.
8. Hospitalized patients are guaranteed dinner on the arrival day (if they arrive before 14:00) and breakfast and lunch on the day of leaving the hospital.
9. A parent/caregiver is obliged to give the health care provider necessary assistance in the treatment process, pay for the costs of the health care according to the respective prior notice, follow the orders and directions of the hospital staff, accept the consequences of declining treatment.
10. The physician/doctor on call will provide information regarding the child’s heath. A doctor will visit the patient during the working day.
11. A parent/caregiver whose care allowance is paid by health insurance will have to pay a daily care allowance of €2.50 per day pursuant to the law for up to 10 calendar days.
12. A parent/caregiver whose care allowance is not paid by health insurance will be charged a daily care allowance according to the paid services price list of Tallinn Children’s Hospital.
13. Patients and visitors have the right to make proposals for the Assessment Committee of Tallinn Children’s Hospital either on paper (forms are available at the hospital secretary and departments) or via the website.
14. The hospital is not liable for items/clothes lost or left in the hospital.
15. It is prohibited to smoke or consume alcohol or narcotics in the rooms and territory of the hospital or be there under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
16. It is obligatory to follow the internal rules of the hospital while staying in the hospital.
17. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the hospital staff.